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Making Performance Package Payments

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Our Performance Package this year covers the cost of all extra curricular elements of the co-curricualar choir class. The cost for the full year is $150 ($50 less than last year!). The payment schedule is:

  • Full payment due by Friday, September 16th

  • Partial payments ($75) due on the following dates:

  • Payment #1 - Friday, Sept 16th

  • Payment #2 - Friday, January 13th

For specifics on what is covered, please refer to the handbook (linked in the Forms & Documents tab) or review the video linked HERE.

There are 2 options available to you this year to make a payment:

  1. Please bring in a check, made out to NFHS.

  • Multiple items can be included on one check (i.e. All State, Honor Choir and Performance Package, etc)

2. Payments can now be made on the students MyPaymentsPlus account. To

make a payment:

  • Login (or establish your account if you have not done so) and find your students choir class/period. You will see 2 options:

  • Pay In Full - $150

  • Partial payment option - $75 (the second payment will be available after Oct 2nd)

  • Please choose only ONE option. There is a $6 fee for the full payment and a $3 fee for the partial payment automatically added on to the payment for a processing fee that cannot be waived.

If circumstances make it so you are unable to pay the Performance Package cost or need a reduced amount, please reach out to me, We are here to help and will make sure every student can participate everything the NFHS Raider Chorus has to offer!

Thanks so much and have a great day!!

G. Seese

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